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Placename : Kilmacleague

In Irish : Cill Mhic Liag     Administrative Unit : Parish     Audio File (.wav) Pronunciation Audio File

Administrative Details:

The parish is called after the townland on which the church stood - the townland and church deriving their name in turn from the 7th century founder of the latter. Only insignificant remains of the church survive; these are rather picturesquely situated on the extreme point of a fertile headland which juts out into that portion of Tramore Bay, known as “The Back Strand.� Close to the church lies a great stone font or laver of rude workmanship and portion of a second and much smaller, but otherwise similar, vessel. Several well defined mounds, with traces of many earthen buildings and enclosures, immediately to the north of the ruin, tell of a former extensive settlement.


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Parish Location Map:

Ballinvella, Ballygarran, Ballyloughbeg, Ballynamoyntragh, Ballyshoneen, Keiloge, Kilmacleague East, Kilmacleague West, Orchardstown,

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