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Logainm : Kill St. Lawrence

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Sonraí Riaracháin:

This contains only three small townlands. The ruins of an ancient church (probably 16th century) stand in the now disused and overcrowded graveyard. Its proximity to the city caused the graveyard to be much used in times of pestilence, &c. A tradition was current half a century since that this church, though completed, or almost completed, by its builders, was never used. The “pattern� was held on August l0th, in the neighbourhood of the well called after the titular, and there lived, forty years ago, an aged woman who remembered seeing as many as thirty-six tents pitched here on the occasion of the celebration. The church was a post-invasion foundation, on (most probably) site of an older foundation. Total area of the parish is only 307 acres.




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Bailtí Fearainne:
Carrigavoe, Couse, Kill St. Lawrence,

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