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Placename : Kilrush

In Irish : Cill Rois     Administrative Unit : Parish     Audio File (.wav) Pronunciation Audio File

Administrative Details:

Although the parish contains a sufficiently large number of townlands it is in reality but of small extent - its townlands, like those adjoining Dungarvan, being diminutive. In the graveyard which surrounds the ruined church is a stone coffin standing on one end after the manner of a tombstone. The local names are perhaps of less than average interest.


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Parish Location Map:

Ballygagin (Crawford), Ballygagin (Garde), Ballynamuck East, Ballynamuck Middle, Ballynamuck West, Bawnahila, Bawnatanavoher, Clogherane, Curraheen Commons, Fairlane, Gallowshill, Glebe, Kilrush (Marquis), Kilrush (Power), Lackenfune, Lisfennel, Loughmore, Luskanargid, Mapestown, Parkeenalougha, Spring (Duke), Spring (Marquis), Springmount,

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