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Placename : Dungarvan

In Irish : Dún Garbhán     Administrative Unit : Parish     Audio File (.wav) Pronunciation Audio File

Administrative Details:

This parish consists of diminutive townlands, some consisting of less than fifty acres, and many contain three or four acres only. Another curious feature is a number of “staings,� or long and very narrow fields and townlands. This word staing is of Scandinavian origin, and is used to designate a measure (pole or perch) of land. Its use however in this parish and generally, throughout the country, is peculiar; it is applied to the long very narrow fields and townlands alluded to, irrespective of their area. Physical features, of course, directly affect the place-names of a parish; here is mainly a rich limestone plain cut into three sections by the Colligan and Bricky rivers. There are many quarries and caves, but few outcrops of the underlying rocks. A range of high hill bounds the parish on the north, while a skirt of mountain forms its southern boundary.


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Parish Location Map:

Abbeyside, Acres, Ballinroad, Ballinure, Ballycoe, Ballycullane Beg, Ballycullane More, Ballyduff, Ballyduff Beg, Ballyduff More, Ballyguiry East, Ballyguiry West, Ballymacmague East, Ballymacmague North, Ballymacmague South, Ballymacmague West, Ballynacourty, Ballynalahessery North, Ballynalahessery South, Ballynaskeha Beg, Ballynaskeha More, Barranalira, Bawnabraher, Bawnacarrigaun, Boherard, Borheen, Burgery, Carrowncashlane, Clashmalea, Clonanagh, Cloncoskoran, Cloneety, Clonmore, Commons, Coolcormuck, Coolnagour, Croughtanaul (Marquis), Croughtanaul (Stuart), Crussera, Curraheenaris, Currane, Cushcam, Duckspool, Dungarvan, Fairlane, Gallowshill, Garrynageragh East, Garrynageragh West, Glen Beg, Glen More, Gorteen, Joulterspark, Killongford, Killosseragh, Kilminnin North, Kilminnin South, Kilmurry, Knockahavaun, Knockateemore, Knockboy, Knockbrack, Knocknagranagh, Knocknasalla, Lacken, Lisfennel, Lisheenoona, Loughaniska, Loughanunna, Middlequarter, Monang, Monkeal, Monroe Glebe, Newtown, Parkatluggera, Parkeenaflugh, Parklane, Parknagappul, Ringaphuca, Ringcrehy, Ringnasilloge, Scart, Scartore, Shanakill, Shandon, Skehacrine (Humble), Skehacrine (Marquis), Skehanard (Barron), Skehanard (Humble), Sligaunagh, Stuccolane, Tallacoolbeg, Terrysstang, Tournore, Twomilebridge, Windgap,

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