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Placename : Seskinan

In Irish : Seisceannán     Administrative Unit : Parish     Audio File (.wav) Pronunciation Audio File

Administrative Details:

The name signifies “Little Sedgy Moor,� and is written Seskynnane in an Inquisition of Jas. I. About two-thirds of the parish are in this barony; the remainder belongs to Glenaheiry. The Parish is of great extent and an elevated plateau. Bog and mountain names abound, while of other names that are generally interesting there is a fair proportion. The ruined church near the middle of the parish is extremely interesting, not indeed architecturally, but from the fact that many of its door and window lintels are ogham inscribed. Within the parish are the identified sites of at least four further early churches.


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Parish Location Map:

Ballynaguilkee Lower, Ballynaguilkee Upper, Ballynamult, Bleantasour, Bleantasourmountain, Bonatouk or Monatouk, Boolavonteen, Broemountain, Cahernaleague, Carrigbrack, Clooncogaile, Corradoon, Coumnagappul, Doon, Glennaneane, Glennaneane Mountain, Kilcooney, Kilkeany, Kilkeanymountain, Knockaunbrandaun, Knockavannia, Knockavanniamountain, Knockboy, Lackandarra, Lackandarra Lower, Lackandarra Upper, Lyre East, Lyre Mountain, Lyre West, Reanadampaun Commons, Shanballyanne, Tooraneena, Tooreen East, Tooreen Mountain, Tooreen West,

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