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Logainm : Ardmore

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Sonraí Riaracháin:

Ardmore was an ancient monastic and Episcopal parish – it is maritime in character – of great extent and curiously broken up into isolated fragments. Historically it is one of the most important parishes in the country. The ecclesiastical remains at Ardmore consist of a Cathedral, a Round Tower and a primitive oratory, and, at a distance of a quarter of a mile from the main group, stands a second early church with holy wells, &c. There is likewise the site of a castle, frequently referred to in connection with the 17th century wars. The village of Ardmore is spread over the adjoining portions of four town lands - Duff-Carrick, Dysert, Farrengarret and Monea. That wonderful industrialist, the Great Earl of Cork, developed an extensive pilchard fishery at Ardmore. In 1616 he erected a fish press and built salting and fish houses, all of which have long since disappeared.




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