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Placename : Lismore and Mocollop

In Irish : Lios Mór agus Maigh Cholpa     Administrative Unit : Parish     Audio File (.wav) Pronunciation Audio File

Administrative Details:

This is historically the most important parish in the Decies territory. It is of immense size-thirteen or fourteen miles in length by twelve miles in width. At what particular period the two parishes became merged into one it is now impossible to decide. Included in the parish is a wide area of mountain, of which a considerable proportion has been brought into cultivation within the last hundred years. The River Blackwater flows east and west through the parish for some fourteen or fifteen miles. Another river, the Bride, forms its southern frontier; a third, the Glenshilane, marks the parish limits on the east, while the Araglinn suns some six or seven miles along the boundary with Tipperary. The remainder of the north boundary line is marked by the ridge of the Knockmaeldown (anciently the Slieve Gua) range.


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Parish Location Map:

Aglish, Ahaun, Ahaunboy North, Ahaunboy South, Ballinaleucra, Ballinanchor, Ballinaspick North, Ballinaspick South, Ballinlevane East, Ballinlevane West, Ballinvella, Ballinwillin, Ballyduff, Ballyduff Lower, Ballyduff Upper, Ballyea East, Ballyea West, Ballyeafy, Ballygalane, Ballygalane Upper, Ballygally, Ballygally East, Ballygally West, Ballyin Lower, Ballyin Upper, Ballymartin North, Ballymartin South, Ballymoodranagh, Ballynadeige, Ballynaraha, Ballynelligan Glebe, Ballynerroon East, Ballynerroon West, Ballynoe, Ballynoe East, Ballynoe West, Ballyrafter, Ballyrafter Flats, Ballysaggart Beg East, Ballysaggart Beg Glebe, Ballysaggart Beg West, Ballysaggart More, Ballysaggartbeghill, Ballyvecane Lower, Ballyvecane Upper, Ballywelligan, Barranafaddock, Barranamanoge, Barrysmountain, Bawnagappul, Bawnbrack, Bawnmore, Black, Boggagh, Boggaghbaun, Boggaghduff, Boherboy, Boherboyrea, Boola, Boolakiley, Bridane Lower, Bridane Upper, Burgess Anchor, Camphire, Camphirehill, Cappoquin, Cappoquin Demesne, Carrigane, Carrignagower East, Carrignagower West, Castlelands, Caumglen, Clasheenanierin, Clashnamonadee, Clashnamrock, Cloghaun, Cloonbeg, Cool, Cooladalane Lower, Cooladalane Upper, Cooldrishoge, Coolishal, Coolnaneagh, Coolnasmuttaun, Coolowen, Coolowen Little, Coolydoody, Coolydoody North, Coolydoody South, Curragh, Curraghacnav, Curraghreigh North, Curraghreigh South, Curragraig, Curraheen North, Curraheen South, Deerpark, Deerpark East, Deerpark North, Deerpark-hill, Drumroe Lower, Drumroe Upper, Ducarrig, Dyrick Lower, Dyrick Upper, Fadduaga, Feagarrid, Feddaun, Flowerhill, Fortwilliam, Gairha, Garra East, Garra West, Garrison, Garrybrittas, Garrycloyne, Garrynoe, Glen Beg, Glen More, Glenaknockaun East, Glenaknockaun West, Glenasaggart, Glenaveha, Glencairn, Glencullen, Glendeish East, Glendeish West, Glenfooran, Glengarra, Glenmorrishmeen, Glennafallia, Glenribbeen, Glenshask Beg, Glenshask More, Glentaun East, Glentaun West, Glentaunatinagh, Glentaunemon, Gortnapeaky, Kilbree East, Kilbree West, Killahaly East, Killahaly West, Kilnacarriga, Knockacomortish, Knockadav, Knockadoonlea, Knockadullaun East, Knockadullaun West, Knockalassa, Knockananna, Knockaniska, Knockaniska East, Knockaniska West, Knockannanagh, Knockanore, Knockatouk, Knockaun, Knockaun East, Knockaunabulloga, Knockaunacuit, Knockaunarast, Knockaunfargarve, Knockaungarriff, Knockaveelish, Knockbaun, Knockboy, Knockcorragh, Knockeengancan, Knockmealdown, Knocknaboul, Knocknabrone, Knocknafallia, Knocknafrehane, Knocknagappul, Knocknaglogh, Knocknalooricaun, Knocknalougha, Knocknamuck North, Knocknamuck South, Knocknanask, Knockroe, Labbanacallee, Lafone, Lisfinny, Lismore, Lisnagree, Liss, Littlegrace, Logleagh, Lyre East, Lyre West, Lyrenacallee East, Lyrenacallee West, Lyrenaglogh, Meoul, Mocollop, Monabreeka, Monafehadee, Monalour Lower, Monalour Upper, Monaman Lower, Monaman Upper, Monard, Monataggart, Monatarriv East, Monatarriv West, Monatrim Lower, Monatrim Upper, Monavugga, Monboy, Moneygorm North, Moneygorm South, Monvore, Mountainfarm, Mountainrea, Mountmelleray, Norrisland, Okyle, Paddocks, Pallis, Parkatobeen, Parknoe, Poulfadda, Ralph, Rath Lower, Rath Upper, Reacaumaglanna, Reanabarna, Reanacoolagh East, Reanacoolagh West, Ross, Rossgrilla, Salterbridge, Scart, Scartnacrooha, Scrahans East, Scrahans West, Seemochuda, Shanavoola, Shanbally, Shean Beg, Shean More, Sion, Southpark, Sruh East, Sruh West, Tallowbridge Lands, Tinnagroun, Tintur, Tober, Tobernahulla, Toor, Tooradoo, Tooranaraheen, Toornageeha, Toornagoppoge, Toortane, Tourin, Tourin Demesne, Townparks, Townparks East, Townparks West, Tubbrid, Woodville,

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