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Placename : Kilwatermoy

In Irish : Cill Uachtar Maí     Administrative Unit : Parish     Audio File (.wav) Pronunciation Audio File

Administrative Details:

The present parish has some names of historic significance. Along the northern frontier of the parish, bordering on the Bride, a number of modern names, of the usual more or less meaningless character, have within the past generation half-submerged the ancient nomenclature. Ceann Muiche (“Pig’s Head�) has become Headborough. Baile na mBadach (“Churls’ Homestead�) has resolved itself into Snugborough, and Cnoc na Sceach (“Hill of the Bushes�) into Moore Hill!


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Parish Location Map:

Ballyclement, Ballyhamlet, Ballymoat Lower, Ballymoat Upper, Ballymuddy, Ballynafineshoge, Ballyneety, Churchquarter, Close, Corrannaskeha, Corrannaskeha North, Corrannaskeha South, Dunmoon, Dunmoon North, Dunmoon South, Fountain, Glennawillin, Headborough, Janeville, Killanthony, Kilwatermoy, Kilwatermoymountain, Knockaun North, Knockaun South, Knocknaraha, Lyrenacarriga, Moorehill, Paddock, Sapperton North, Sapperton South, Shanapollagh, Slieveburth, Snugborough, Tircullen Lower, Tircullen Upper,

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