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Placename : Kill St. Nicholas

In Irish : Cill San Niocláis     Administrative Unit : Parish     Audio File (.wav) Pronunciation Audio File

Administrative Details:

The titular of the church and parish suggest the Norman origin of both, for St. Nicholas was to the Normans what St. Michael had been to the Danes. The parish is large and somewhat dismembered - a small section being separated by a couple of miles from the main portion. A mound, covered with furze and rank vegetation, and a piece of masonry a couple of yards in length, mark the site of the ancient church on the townland which gives its name to the parish. Close to the church site, on the north-west, is St. Nicholas’ Well, not now in much repute.


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Parish Location Map:

Ballycanvan Big, Ballycanvan Little, Ballyglan, Ballynabola, Barristown, Carriglea, Cross, Drumrusk, Glebe, Kill St. Nicholas, Knocknagappul, Knockroe, Parkswood Lower, Parkswood Upper, Passage East, Passage West,

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