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Placename : Lisgenan or Grange

In Irish : Lios Géibheannáin nó An Ghráinsigh     Administrative Unit : Parish     Audio File (.wav) Pronunciation Audio File

Administrative Details:

An older name of this parish is Lios Geineáin - “Guinan’s Lios� from an earthen fort, not now existing, but the site of which is just traceable on boundary of the townland with Cush. Grange (Gráinseach) is an English word common enough in place names. It means the outfarm of a religious house or body. Grange parish, which is of moderate extent, is of the same general physical character as Ardmore and Clashmore. Unlike the two latter however it has practically no sea frontage. Within the ill-kept graveyard attached to the ruined church stands a stunted and imperfect ogham-inscribed pillar stone.


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Parish Location Map:

Addrigoole, Ballybrusa East, Ballybrusa or Brucetown, Ballybrusa West, Ballyeelinan, Ballykilmurry, Ballylane, Ballylangadon, Ballyquin, Bawnacommera, Bawnagarrane, Bawnard, Cappagh, Clashanahy, Crossford, Cush Of Grange, Cush Of Grange, Glenwilliam, Grallagh Lower, Grallagh Upper, Grange, Knockaunnagoun, Knockmeelmore, Knocknageragh or Summerhill, Knocknastooka, Lissaniska, Listeige, Mill and Churchquarter, Moanballyshivane, Shanbally, Tinnalyra, Tonteeheige, Toor,

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